Full stack developer

At Travel Union we are changing the existing and shaping the new rules for banking.

Travel Union is a Travel-focused Digital Banking Platform for Individuals and Travel Partners. Our mission is to solve the problems of two markets and connect them delivering mutual benefits: FinTech Mobile and Online banking; Unified Loyalty Program; Payment System.

Our team is expanding and we’re looking for Full stack developer. If you’re interested, APPLY now! cv@travelunion.eu


We are looking for an IT developer. Experience in previous positions could be: full-stack programmer, game programmer, hardware programmer. Personal qualities: independence, receptivity to innovation. We are looking for a person with diverse experience. The most important feature is the ability to quickly understand the problem/task/sphere and operate on the available data.


  • - Analyse integration protocols (data flow/formats)
  • - Implement and map third party services (mostly using rest API)
  • - Develop back end using C# for Google cloud platform container engine
  • - Develop front end application for back office using Dart/Flutter
  • - Develop front end application for mobile device using Dart/Flutter + native Android/iOS
  • - Develop web app using Javascript and Vue framework


  • - Very good skils with C#, Javascript, HTML/CSS, and bonus points for Dart
  • - Good knowledge of web app frameworks
  • - Good understanding of cloud infrastructure
  • - Good understanding of data in databases (sql, nosql, cloud spanner, ...)


  • Motivating salary;
  • Chance to really make a difference.

Please submit your application by email:  cv@travelunion.eu